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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Final preparations

We are all in Edinburgh and catching the sleeper train to London tomorrow. Items are being decided on, if they are deemed esssential weighed and packed; jackets and trousers reproofed and final items (radios, gifts, bribes, batteries, freeze dried meals) bought. We all began taking our chloroquinine last Wednesday and instructions are to take them once a week so tomorrow begins for us with two exceedingly bitter pills. All rabies vaccines (three shots each) have been injected and passports, visas, border permits and the masses of paperwork required are all ready to go. Maps have been printed, annotated and laminated in triplicate.

The psyche, already at astronomical levels, is building even further....


  1. Have fun, and stay off the mares milk.

    John> I have booked time off, so hopefully I will catch up with you in august/september.


  2. It's 2am and we have failed to quite finish the packing, going to continue tomorrow evening (the sleeper train doesn't leave until 23:45). My living room looks like a bombsite, but we HAVE remembered the following items:

    Medicinal Champagne
    Powdered Water
    Riot Shield
    Bottled Psyche



    PS Thanks Dave, will catch up but I am away in France for work in the first week of Sep.