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Friday, 2 July 2010


Planning....the behind the scenes work that makes sure an expedition happens. First of all we all needed to apply fo Kyrgyzstan visas, these being elaborate, attractive affairs that now nestle in our passports pages. In addition to this a border permit (very Casablanca) needed to be obtained due to the range's proximity to the Chinese border.
 We have had to obtain various prescriptions and vaccinations, all fairly standard for travelling to third world countries. We have been prescribed acezolamide tablets(Diamox) to treat any severe bouts of altitude sickness and allow us to descend safely. We will not be taking the drug prophylactically, this practice being considered dangerous and unnecessary.
 Maps for the region have been sourced from people who have visited before and ITMC, the company we are hiring transport from. These show three main glaciers with the peaks dotted around and between them. John has gone through expedition reports and worked out which peaks remain unclimbed. Several pictures have also helped, these we found online and were sent be previous expeditions.

We would like to thank our sponsors, The Mountaineering Council of ScotlandThe Scottish Mountaineering TrustThe Sang Award and The Fabulous Bakin' Boys.

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